When I was a boy I struggled with how different points in time related to one another. I knew of dinosaurs and cowboys but had a hard time placing events in time.

It is of supreme interest to me to reconsider how we "organize time." What systems can we use to allow ourselves to contextualize historically significant events so that we adequately equipped to retain this knowledge and have it enrich our lives for ourselves and those around us?
The Gregorian calendar distorts our view of our history and makes it harder for us to understand who we are as a species. It makes it harder to comprehend how far we have come in such a relatively short amount of time.
I have had a longing to create a timeline based of the Holocene calendar for years. The task is burdensome however, and I am reluctant to begin the process of rendering this view through analog media forms because of its shortcomings in regards to variability. Using the web seems like the best option, though many timeline tools lack parameters to adjust scale of time.
12,000 years ago humans came together in the hills of Anatolia