On the front porch, spiders weave webs that clumsy crane flies make their way in to, only to find there is no way out. Gnats swarm the hanging lights and the sky takes on its dusky palette of twilight color. The wind moves the trees, leaves, grass, and everything in between. And in this moment, I struggle to find peace. I sigh like the wind. I am clumsy like the crane fly.

Recently, I have grown the desire to “disconnect.” With the immense access of information via the web and social networking, I have begun to feel the effects take their toll on me. Two-way mediated communication platforms are a burden under the guise of a blessing. It is like standing in front a of a window, but where the window leads is ever-changing. Sometimes the window is a mirror. Sometimes it fits in your pocket. And sometimes it can distract you from what is most important. The window allows you remain close with those you love and miss over vast distances. The window confronts you with the harsh realities of this world and it’s current state of affairs. I find it harrowing that my cell phone has enough weight to make me blind and deaf to the symphony of light and sound a summer night holds. For this, I am critical. We have only just begun to see these platforms’ effects on us…

…You, I, and each other.

The truth is, I miss my friends. I miss being able to share our days, experiences, and laughter. Social networking is a way to cope and fill the void created by these things gone missing. Just as it enables the opportunity for voyeurism, it also enables you to share with those you would otherwise be unable to. To run away from this access would be foolish. To be subject to it is even worse.

For this reason, I have decided to write to you. I believe that some things may require more than one hundred and forty characters or one image to describe. And for that, if you are reading, I want to say thank you and welcome to my newsletter. I hope this to be a platform to share with you what I have been thinking about, where and what I have been doing, and what I hope to do.


I completed my senior thesis on communication noise and its effects on mediated communication in part to acquire my BA in New Media @ SUNY Purchase. You can read it here. The photos below are of the accompanying exhibition. I find windows and glass beautiful and thats only part of the reason why I chose to work them. I think that glass, a flat and invisible channel that is often less the focus then the light it lets in, acts as an ideal material to begin talking about communication channels and as a metaphor for different media forms.

Continuing to work tirelessly with Jack and Tim on the new Aloha Machine record which is very, very close to being finished. We recently played a show on Jack’s balcony, a show in abandoned mailroom, and alongside many good friends at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn.

I have grown extremely interested in engineering drawing. I started growing interested in architecture after working on sculpture and sonic installation projects at school. I began to think about how architecture dictates our behavior in certain spaces. How do different materials shape our perceptions of our immediate environments? How does space shape sound? How do they facilitate community or privacy? I recently talked with my grandfather, a retired draftsmen, who pointed me towards this book. One could argue a lot of engineering drawing techniques to be soon obsolete, as we do live in the age of the computer. It is my argument however, that even with computers and CAD software, the draftsmen’s goal to visualize form in space remains the same, and that’s why I find it extremely interesting and worth studying.


I have had terrible trouble with falling asleep. I find it easiest to fall asleep when the sun begins to come up. Taking time to sit in the breeze, to hear the wind, the sound of the air take shape around the trees… Upcoming…​

Seeing Tool tomorrow. The longest day of summer. I mention this because I always forget how nice it is to enjoy the dusk hours in the summer. There is something very magical about it.

Potentially substitute teaching at a catholic elementary school.

Trying to teach bass lessons at a local guitar shop.

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Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (1999) - Made by the RZA, Forest Whitaker is a samurai. Incredible.

Thank you for reading, I promise I won’t write you too often.

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